Wedding Planning Checklist

Six to Twelve Months Before ‰

  • Select a wedding date and time. ‰
  • Make a preliminary budget for wedding and reception. ‰
  • Determine your wedding theme or style. ‰
  • Reserve your ceremony and reception location. ‰
  • Determine who will officiate at the ceremony. ‰
  • Hire a wedding consultant, if you plan to use one. ‰
  • Decide on your color scheme. ‰
  • Determine the size of the guest list. ‰
  • Begin compiling names and addresses of guests. ‰
  • Select bridal attendants and ask them to be in your wedding. ‰
  • Fiancé select his attendants and ask them to be in the wedding.
  • ‰ Plan Reception. ‰
  • Interview and select a caterer, if one is necessary. ‰
  • Interview and select a baker, if one is necessary. ‰
  • Interview and select a photographer and videographer. ‰
  • Interview and select a florist. ‰
  • Select your dress and headpiece.Order your attire. ‰
  • Announce your engagement in the newspaper.
  • ‰ Select bridesmaid dresses. ‰
  • Determine transportation and make arrangements.

Four Months Before

  • ‰Make final arrangements for ceremony(deposits should be paid, contracts signed). ‰
  • Make sure all bridal attire is ordered. ‰
  • Have both mothers coordinate and select their dresses. ‰
  • Register at a bridal registry in the cities of both families. ‰
  • Order invitations and personal stationary. ‰
  • Complete the guest lists. ‰
  • Select the men’s wedding attire and reserve the right sizes.
  • Check requirements for marriage licenses. ‰
  • Shop for wedding bands. ‰
  • Start planning the honeymoon. ‰
  • Begin shopping for trousseau. ‰
  • Decide where you will live after the wedding.

Two Months Before ‰

  • Address invitations and mail these(weigh for proper postage). ‰
  • Finalize all details with caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, baker, etc.
  • ‰Order wedding cake, if not supplied by caterer.
  • ‰Finalize ceremony details with officiant . ‰
  • Arrange a time and place for bridesmaid luncheon, if necessary. ‰
  • Make rehearsal arrangements. ‰
  • Plan rehearsal dinner.
  • ‰Make appointments with hairdresser, makeup artists, manicurist, etc. ‰
  • Make accommodations for out-of-town attendants or guests. ‰ Finalize honeymoon plans.

One Month Before ‰

  • Have a final fitting for your bridal gown and bridesmaids’ gowns.
  • ‰ Have a formal bridal portrait done.
  • ‰ Get marriage licenses. ‰
  • Purchase gifts for attendants. ‰
  • Purchase a gift for fiance`, if gifts are being exchanged. ‰
  • Have the bridesmaid luncheon, if you planned to have one. ‰ Purchase going away outfit, if needed.
  • ‰ Keep a careful record of all gifts received and start writing thank-you notes. ‰
  • Make sure you have all accessories, toasting goblets, ring pillow, garter, etc. ‰
  • Select a person to handle guest book and determine its location.

Two Weeks Before ‰

  • Attend to business and legal details
  • ‰ Prepare wedding announcement to be sent to newpaper.
  • ‰ Reconfirm accommodations for out-of-town guests. ‰
  • Arrange to have possessions and gifts moved to your new home.
  • Give a change-of- address card to the post office. ‰ Finish addressing announcements to be mailed on the wedding day.

One Week Before ‰

  • Give final count of guests to caterer(72 hours before wedding) and review details. ‰
  • Reconfirm details with vendors and go over any changes.
  • ‰ Give all musicians the lists of music for the ceremony and reception. ‰
  • Plan seating arrangements for ceremony and reception.
  • ‰ Arrange for someone to assist with last minute errands and to help you dress.
  • ‰ Practice having your hair and makeup and determine the time it will take, if these are not being professionally done.
  • ‰ Pack suitcase for the honeymoon.
  • ‰ Double check if you have the marriage licenses and wedding bands. ‰
  • Make sure all wedding attire is picked up and it fits(ensure men have all pieces).
  • ‰ Have a rehearsal with all participants, reviewing their duties.
  • ‰ Attend rehearsal dinner.

On The Wedding Day ‰

  • To feel relaxed and calm, be sure to eat something and take a relaxing bath.
  • ‰ Go to hair appointment or fix hair at least 3 to 4 hours before the ceremony.
  • ‰ Go to makeup and/or manicure appointments or allow plenty of time if you are doing these yourself..
  • ‰ Start dressing. You and attendants need to be ready at least 2 hours before the ceremony.

After the Wedding

  • ‰ Send and wedding picture to the newspaper. ‰
  • Mail or email announcements. ‰
  • Write and mail thank-you notes

Six to Twelve Months Before

  • ‰ Purchase the bride’s engagement ring. ‰
  • Discuss with the date and type of wedding with the bride.
  • ‰ Start on your guest list.
  • ‰ Choose best man and ushers. ‰
  • Discuss and plan your new home with your bride so you can start making the necessary moving arrangements. ‰
  • Coordinate wedding day transportation with the bride.

Four Months Before

  • ‰ Shop with bride for wedding rings.
  • ‰ Complete your guest list, including full names, addresses, zip codes, and phone numbers. ‰
  • Check requirements for marriage license in the state you will be married in. ‰
  • Select and order men’s wedding attire with the bride. ‰
  • Finalize all honeymoon plans and send in deposits if required.

Two Months Before

  • ‰ Meet with officiant to finalize ceremony details. ‰
  • Assist parents with plan for the rehearsal dinner party.
  • ‰ Discuss the amount and financial arrangement for the flowers, which are the groom’s responsibility. ‰
  • Arrange accommodations for out-of-town attendants.

One Month Before

  • ‰ Ensure all attendants have been fitted and wedding attire has been ordered.
  • ‰ Purchase gifts for best man and ushers.
  • ‰ Purchase wedding gift for bride, if gifts are being exchanged.
  • ‰ Pick up wedding rings and make sure they fit. ‰
  • Take care of business and legal affairs.

Two Weeks Before

  • ‰ Gather necessary documents and get marriage license with bride.
  • ‰ Reconfirm accommodations for out-of-town guests.
  • ‰ If moving, give change-of-address to post office, arrange to have utilities and phone service turned on in the new home. If not moving, finish cleaning and reorganizing your home, help bride move her things. ‰
  • Have your hair cut.

One Week Before ‰

  • Discuss all final details with bride; offer to assist if needed. ‰
  • Pick up and try on wedding attire. ‰
  • Ensure that attendants get their wedding attire and that they have all of the pieces. ‰
  • Pack clothes for honeymoon. ‰
  • Reconfirm all honeymoon reservations.
  • ‰ If flying, make sure you have plane tickets. ‰
  • See that you and your attendants are at the rehearsal and that they know their duties.
  • ‰ Go over special seating or pew cards with ushers.
  • ‰ Arrange for gifts brought to the reception to be taken to your home. ‰
  • Make sure luggage is in the car or hotel where you will stay your first night. ‰
  • Attend rehearsal dinner.

On The Wedding Day ‰

  • To feel relaxed and calm, be sure to eat something and allow plenty of time to get ready.
  • ‰ Go to ceremony location on time. ‰
  • Give the best man the bride’s wedding ring. ‰
  • Place the officiant’s fee in a sealed envelope.
  • Give it to the best man so he may present it after the ceremony.Don’t forget to take the marriage license to the ceremony, or make sure the best man will bring it.
  • ‰ Have the maid of honor and best man sign the wedding certificate as witnesses.
  • ‰ Dance first with your bride, then with both mothers and bridesmaids.
  • ‰ Just before leaving the reception, thank the bride’s parents and say good bye to your parents.

After the Wedding

  • ‰ Make sure on the first day of the honeymoon to send flowers or express your appreciation and thanking the bride’s parents again for a beautiful wedding and reception. ‰
  • Take good care of your new bride.


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